Licensing & Prices

Price List
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SCIOPTA Standard Products

Standard Kernel (32/64 Bit)
Certified Kernel (32/64 Bit)
SMMS – MMU/MPU Support
IPS Internet Protocols (TCP/IP, IPv4 / IPv6)
IPS Applications (Web Server, SMTP, TFTP, DNS, Telnet, DHCP, PTP)
IPS Security (TLS, HTTPS)
FAT File System (also fail safe)
Flash File System (fail safe)
DRUID System Debugger
CONNECTOR Multi CPU/Multi Core
SCIOPTA API for Windows/Linux
USB Device
USB Host

Please Note:

Not all products are available for all CPUs

License Model

The SCIOPTA Real-Time Operating Systems and their related products are licensed per user, per target processor family and per product or product family which will be developed and produced. The product or product family will be defined in the SCIOPTA Software License Agreement.

There are no production licenses or runtime royalties.

The number of projects within a product or product family are not limited (except for SCIOPTA PEG, Portable Embedded GUI which is licensed per project).